• Nicolene Steyn

Your 1 year old can start sorting!

As we all know, 1 year olds LOVE posting. Putting things in a container, and taking them out again. It keeps them busy for minutes! (which is LONG in toddler-time!)

Now you can star exposing your toddler to the concept of sorting.

  • Start off with items that are VERY different, like Blocks and Dinosaurs, and 2 containers. You will have to talk the concept through as you do it!

  • Once he grasps the CONCEPT of sorting, and "things that go together", you can move on to shapes or colours. Do one concept at a time.

If you demonstrate with enthusiasm, your child will enjoy the activity more, and her brain will remember it better!
your one year old being exposed to the concept of Sorting

  • Here are some wonderful sorting activities for your 1-2 year old toddler, with some amazing tips and information, straight out of our instruction booklet in our September Shapes box. Everything you need will be included in the box!

Enjoy every moment with your child!