• Nicolene Steyn

Where's my stuff?


MY BROTHER and his wife were very upset when I visited them one day. The remotes were gone! ALL of them! The TV, DSTV, Bose Sound System, DVD player, Hi-Fi (this was in 2007 when there were still DVD’s and Hi-Fi’s… 😆 ) Everyone was blamed and interrogated, from me to the cat, but to no avail. They had to get all new remotes after searching for 2 weeks.

TWO months later they moved to a new house. When the movers picked up one of the huge speakers, something moved around on inside, and lo and behold, out fell the remotes. ALL of them! Together with some toys, jewelery, half eaten crackers, teaspoons, dog biscuits and even some biltong meant for teething! (It’s a South African thing) So it turns out their 10 month old was SO into posting, that he posted EVERYTHING!

BETWEEN the ages of 9 months and 2 years all toddlers have this incredible urge to post. This includes having something in their hand and wanting to put it into an open container at first, then one with a lid (opening and closing the lid as they go along) then posting smaller items into smaller holes. The amount of skills it takes your little one to do this is enormous, much more than you would think!

IT DEVELOPS finger dexterity, fine motor skills, and hand eye coordination. It also helps your little one understand object permanence, visual spatial awareness and allows them to be curious and explore, says Megan from Lets Play Little One (who has awesome posting ideas here )

POSTING SKILLS are also important skills that eventually translate into pre-writing and writing activities and activities, believe it or not! And no matter how little us adults actually WRITE with pens/pencils these days, with everything being typed, your little one still DOES need to build the skills for whole brain development!

We always include at least ONE posting activity in our 5-12 months AND 1-2 year WackyBoxes / Woelwaterbokse. That way, it will never get boring for you OR your little one!

ACTIVITY: Two BASIC Posting activities to start with

What you need:

1. Babies 8-12 months

  • Clean formula/coffee can with lid

  • Any baby-safe items

  • Knife

Let your little one simply post items in the open can. When she has mastered this, cut a hole in the lid, and let her post smaller items into the smaller area of the hole. As soon as she can do this well, use another lid, and cut a slit into the lid. Give her the normal toys, as well as smaller bottle caps, spoons etc that will only fit in the smaller hole/slit, to challenge her even more! Use the opportunity to teach her about “Too big” and “it fits!”


  • Empty box

  • Knife

  • Permanent marker

Make holes in the box whenn your toddler is not with you. Draw a circle around the hole so that it stands out against the rest of the box.

Give your toddler some items to post into the hole, some that fit and just a few that don’t. When the items are all inside, open the box with a lot of enthusiasm to show here where thet are! The more enthusiastic you are, the more she will remember!

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