• Nicolene Steyn

Tracing from 2-6 year old

Did you know you can trace without a light-table or tracing/table?

All you need is:

  • Two blank sheets of paper (or one printed and the other one blank);

  • Dark marker / crayon;

  • Prestik or sticky-tape.

On one of the sheets of paper, draw your child's age in lines (or print out the age appropriate picture)

Choose a window or glass door where light shines through and stick the paper onto it. Remember, it should be low enough for your child to reach.

On the other side of the window or glass door, stick the other page and show your little one the lines shining through. Let them copy it onto the blank page by tracing the back lines

Working on a vertical level is great for her vestibular system, as well as her large muscles.

1-2 years:

All they need to do is pull the crayon from top to bottom, while holding the crayon in her fist. We don't expect them to actually draw on the lines.

2-4 years: These lines are preparing them for writing. Don't worry if your 2 year old doesn't do it perfectly. She is still learning to hold the crayon, and we don't expect a perfect pencil grip yet. You can start helping your 3 year old to hold the crayon with his fingers.

4-6 years: These patterns are preparing your little one for writing. We are making it fun by giving them names according to a Wild Animal theme. We are also trying to get the pencil grip right. Remind your 4 year old to hold the crayon with 3 fingers, and your 6 year old can try to stay perfectly on the lines.

Enjoy it!