• Nicolene Steyn

Summer Fun - beating the heat wave ☀

Transferring items / fluids from one container to another is an important skill your child needs to learn. But an ordinary bowl of water is so boring!

Here are 2 ideas to brighten up a good old water bowl...


💡 TIP: If you stay in a water restricted area, your child can still enjoy the water play.

Use only one or two cups of water and a smaller bowl.

SAFETY: ALL sensory activities should be done under adult supervision!


📝 You'll need:

• Tape

• Sponge

• Piece of foil

• Sensory bin / bowl

Your own pair of scissors

• Plastic fish (or your own toys)


• Blue food colouring x5 drops (Variation: Different colours of food colouring)


📑 Instructions:

• Place a piece of foil in your sensory bin.

• Tape the corners with small pieces of adhesive tape.

• Carefully fill the bin half with water and add about 5 drops of blue food colouring in it (not too much!). (This is optional).

• Put the fish and sponges, or your own toys in the bin and leave it somewhere (supervised) for your child to discover for themselves.


▶ How to play:

• Let your child discover and experience the fishes or other toys & sponge and foil.

• Show your child how to squeeze the water out of the sponge.

• Wipe your child's arms, legs and face with the sponge so that she can experience the texture.


🔄 Variation:

Pour water into one or two other containers, and add a few other colours into each container.

• Have your child gather the water to experience the colour changing, and discuss it with your child.