• Nicolene Steyn

Sensory fun without the mess!

We all have that odd used Ziploc bag laying around, so for this you can either repurpose it or use a new one. Today we continue with some sensory play, making sensory bags that can be lots of fun for babies, toddlers and even my 7 year old! We’ve done a little image with what you’ll need:

Instructions: Mix the sequins, buttons, and 3 drops (NOT more) of blue food colouring together in the empty Ziploc bag. Add the cooking oil or baby oil and the water to the mixture. Get rid of as much air as possible - but be careful not to spill - and zip the bag closed. Use the tape to secure the bag of any leakages all around the edges.

How to play: Baby: Place the bag on a flat surface and tape the corners down. Let your baby lie on her tummy during tummy time to explore the content of the bag. Toddlers: stick the bag to their play table.

Older kids: Draw two circles on the bag, and let them count and sort the buttons as best they can.

TIP: Sensory bags are wonderful, and can be kept for a long time. Make sure you completely cover all sides with the tape to prevent tearing, and that your child's nails are nice and short to prevent rupturing! SAFETY: Avoid hitting the sensory bag with toys or other hard objects, as it might break or cause a leak. Have fun! Nicolene

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