• Nicolene Steyn

Paper Boats that actually float...

We have all folded and played with paper hats before. In this activity we are making the rim a bit bigger, and create our very own floating boats!

You'll need:

  • A4 paper

  • Wax crayons

At home activity: Floating Paper Boats!

Use your wax crayons to colour in the paper all over.

1-3 years

Your little one will just make a few scribbles, and that's great fine motor exercises. Make bath time a little earlier today, and take the boat with. This will both extent the fun AND time before bedtime, to make witching hour a bit easier!

4-6 years

After she has coloured it in, you can fold the paper over, and let your child press down to flatten the fold. This way she will also feel included. Your 6 year old can sit next to you, with their own paper, and copy you step-by-step.

7-9 years

You can encourage your older child to make the paper completely waterproof by taking her time and colouring in every little piece of the paper. She will be so surprised at just HOW waterproof it actually becomes! Let them experiment with different sizes and different amounts of colouring.

We even have Afrikaans AND English song to go with this activity:

Have fun together!