• Nicolene Steyn

Home Made Wings

Today's activity is SO easy and SO fun, especially when Mom and Dad play along. It's the golden opportunity to get some exercise AND use your imagination!

You can do it with Babies from when they can sit up, all the way to 8 year olds!

  • Simply take a long piece of string, and tie a large piece of paper in the middle.

  • Now take the two long pieces, and put them over your child's sholders with the paper at the back.

  • Now tie the two pieces that comes under the arms, onto the paper and make a loose knot.

And there you have it! Some awesome imaginations play for butterflies, fairies and superheroes!

Enjoy it! Nicolene #lockdownactivities #woelwater #woelwater fun #woelwaterhelp # lockdown2020 #lockdownsa #quality time

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