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Great Indoor Activities for Rainy Days

Here in South Africa we are VERY thankful for each drop of rain, and we would never wish it away like the song! BUT our kids still get bored inside....

I have taken 2 of our trusted Woelwater / WackyBox activities, and made them applicable to all ages. Babies, toddlers, preschoolers and primary schoolers.

Have fun!

1. Make your own sticky soft indoor-ball

You need:

  • Paper from your recycling bin (paper, bubble wrap etc.)

  • Sticky Tape (masking tape, sellotape, insulation tape etc.)

To Make:

Roll the paper or plastic into a tight ball.

Cover it with the tape, with the sticky side facing out.

  • Baby - 2 years:

  • 2-6 years:

See what it will stick on and what not!

Throw the ball to each other- it's easier to catch and won't damage your house.

  • 7-9 years:

Let your child do the whole activity by him/herself, and join in the fun while playing.

2. Indoor Bowling

You need:

  • Plastic cups

  • A soft ball or the indoor-ball you made in the activity above

To Play:

  • Babies - 2 years:

Stack the cups, and show your baby how to push them over. Stack the again and let she push them over again and again.

Once she has mastered this, let her try to stack them herself.

  • 2-6 years

Place the plastic cups at one end of the room or passage, and show your toddler how to roll the ball with her hands to make them fall over.

Let your 2 year old stand quite close to the cups.

Let your preschooler stand further away and try to kick or even dribble the ball towards the cups.

You can use anything to roll them over with. In the photo we used the Coloured Rice Bottle we made in our "Rain and Rainbows" box.

  • 7-9 years

Your Primary school child can also partake in the above activity.

Now write numbers or letters on the cups, and let him aim for a specific one.

Eg. Write specific numbers on the cups and ask him questions like:

  • How old are you?

  • How old is your sister?

  • How many dogs do we have?

  • What is 7+5? etc.

We hope you enjoy these great indoor Fine and Gross Motor activities while it is blissfully raining outside!




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