• Nicolene Steyn

Getting baby to the next milestone

This activity is exceptional for getting your crawling and cruising toddler to the next milestone. AND to steady her balance. You'll need: Everyday items Sticky Tape Use some sticky tape and stick the items against the wall. It should be just high enough to encourage your toddler to reach her next milestone:

  • If your baby can already sit, but still has to start crawling, position her far enough away from the wall so that she has to lean forward and reach the items.

  • If she can crawl already, stick it high enough to encourage her to stand up against the wall. Put a little chair or stool next to her so she can use it to keep her balance.

  • If shecan already stand up, stick it far enough away from each other, so that it encourages her to “cruise” between the different items.

  • If she can already walk, stick it high enough so that she has to stretch to start jumping.

Have Fun!


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