• Nicolene Steyn

Free Friday Sensory Sago!

Who would've thought that one could use Sago for an activity?

WackyBox uses this medium because it is SÒ different! Texture plays a big role when it comes to exploring the sense of touch through textures. Sensory play also builds your little one's vocabulary and helps them to be more descriptive when describing the world around them. Don't be afraid to use big words with small children! If they can understand "Dinosaur" they can understand anything! ☺️

  • Pour 200g Sago into a large Mixing bowl, and add 3 cups of cold water.

  • Add some food colouring for some extra fun and another sensory dimension!

  • Leave it for about 3 hours, and then drain off the excess water using a sieve.

  • Rinse out the starch as much as you can.

  • Place it inside your sensory bin or bowl, on top of a messy cloth, with some extra spoons and cups, and have fun!

Everything you need for this activity is in your September Shapes WackyBox. You can still order one HERE!

Have Fun!