• Nicolene Steyn

Flower Painting - no paintbrush needed!

When it comes to painting, being creative is what it’s all about. We don’t always need to paint with paintbrushes, OR our hands, we can use ANYTHING! This activity will get your child's creative juices flowing, whilst stimulating her sensory development.

What you'll need:

Prepare the Wacky Safe Finger Paint (get it HERE) according to the instructions on the packet.

Stick the A3 paper onto a table with the Prestick, and spread out your messy cloth.

Pour some of the paint into flat plastic plates, and dress your child in old clothes.

Walk with your child through the garden, and pick some flowers, leaves and twigs.

Put the flowers into the paint and use them as stamps at first, to make flower shapes.

Now use them as paintbrushes. Do it once or twice, and then let your child roam free and paint to his heart’s content!

Painting doesn't have to be a nightmare! Use these TIPS to keep the mess in control.

You will be surprised at how easy it is to contain the mess IF YOU:

  1. Use a messy cloth under the table or high chair;

  2. Wear old clothes;

  3. Have a wet washcloth close by (it works better than wipes for paint!)

You will find everything you need for this activity in your WackyBox. Every month 16 NEW and EASILY PREPARED activities to do together. Here is an excerpt from the Woelwater / WackyBox Instruction Booklet for this specific activity:

Enjoy every moment with your little one!