• Nicolene Steyn

Easy Gross motor fun for babies - 2 year olds!

NOTE: The development of your toddler’s near senses (vestibular- and kinetic system as well as proprioception) is vitally important for the development of your toddler’s gross motor skills. Activities like these may seem too simplistic to even try, but the effect of the results goes further than just your toddler’s laughter. Although the laughter already makes it worth it!

You'll need:

  • Large Bath Towel

To Play:

  • Let your baby or toddler lie on a big bath towel.

  • Collect all the corners and sway him from side to side, to stimulate the vestibular system.

  • If your toddler is a bit too heavy for one person, ask somebody to help you.

  • While doing this, sing a song to make the activity more interesting.

  • Now drag him through the house on the towel, making sure to go slowly around corners and avoiding steps.

Have Fun!


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