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Dino-Mud Swamp

We have decided to give some of our secrets away....

Here is the recipe for our Dino-Mud mixture that we know all of you LOVE so much! It's completely edible and such a great sensory experience. Do it AFTER a meal, so that your little one doesn't eat TOO much ;)

Dino-Mud mixture

  • 2 cups Cake Flour

  • 1 tbsp Cocao

  • Boiling Water


  • Messy cloth (an old sheet, tablecloth or plastic table cloth will work)

  • Sticks leaves and grass from your garden

  • Dinosaur-toy (or any other animal toys - even the toys you made from the boxes!)

  • Paper

  • Adhesive tape

  • Mix the Dino-Mud mix with about 750ml boiling water. Mix it with a spoon, because it should form lumps.

  • Stick the corners of your messy cloth to the floor with adhesive tape, and place the swamp sensory bin on it, somewhere where your child can discover it on his own.

  • Using your adhesive tape, tape white, clean paper to the table.

  • By placing this mixture, along with the plants and Animal toys into your sensory bowl, you will create a swamp for your toddler to discover on his own.

  • Let her first experience the swamp’s texture before making muddy Dinosaur footprints on the paper.

CAREFUL: Do not leave your toddler alone with any sensory activity.

The lumps in this mixture is great to give a different sensory experience than the smooth mud in the Plants box. Making mud-cakes should be easy with this mixture.

Even your little baby can enjoy it!

Have fun!


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