• Nicolene Steyn

Cutting Skills made Easy

As parents, we are always surprised to find out that our children can already be exposed to “cutting” at the age of 2. At age 4 your child should already be able to cut along a line with reasonable curves.

There is no need to worry if your child has not mastered this skill yet, it should only be fully developed at the age of 6. If your child is only interested in running, expose him to the skill, and then let him be, don’t force him. When he is ready, he will participate!

What you’ll need:

  • Safety Scissors

  • Wacky Play Dough

  • Foam sheet

  • Cardboard (construction paper) prints

  • Pen / koki

Draw a little face with your pen on your child’s thumb. This will help him remember that his thumb must always be facing up while using a pair of scissors. When he turns his hand around, ask him to show you the face drawing. This will help him stay aware of his hand position, and remind him to turn his hand the right way up again.

Put your hand over his, like in the first picture, to help him position his hand correctly. You might have to help him pull open the scissors, as at the age of two, peessing down on the scissors is a lot easier than pulling them open!

Cut the various textures on different days. You will be surprised at your child's development!

TIP: To sharpen your safety scissors, simply cut up some aluminium foil, or steel wool. Also remember to wash your scissors after cutting the Wacky Play Dough!

With the 2019 September SHAPES WackyBox, or Woelwaterboks, we are preparing your child to master the skill of cutting. Everything you need (even some awesome Safety Scissors ) are inside the box!

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