• Nicolene Steyn

Bubble Painting!

There’s nothing as satisfying for a kid than to play with water - or any liquid for that matter! Today’s activity is something sensory! Blowing bubbles is very good exercise for the mouth and speech. Warm up those bubbly mouths for the last two weeks of #Lockdown! Al the ingredients should be in your cupboard. See the picture.

Fill three cups half way with milk (long life milk won’t work as well), and colour each in a bright colour. (Search in those unfinished WackyBoxes!) Give your kid the straws and have them blow bubbles into the milk. When the bubbles start bubbling over the sides, press the paper on them so the “paint” can make patterns on the paper. Use every colour.

If you don't have fresh milk, and your child is a little bit older, you can use a cup of water with a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid.

Let your toddler help you clean up afterwards, that can be a game in itself. It forms part of PLAY and LEARN. TIP: Punch holes in the straw about 2cm from the top, this will make it difficult to suck and encourage blowing instead. Always stay close when your child is doing sensory activities.

Have fun! Nicolene

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