• Nicolene Steyn

Big and Small - Math and Gross Motor skills for All Ages!

This might seem like a very simplistic activity, but it is vital for babies and toddlers to learn these concepts from an early age. This way we are making it interesting and fun, and easy to learn. Your older child will also enjoy the "treasure hunt" part by looking for the ants!

With this activity you will develop the following:

  • Language, Rhythm;

  • Far senses - Sight, Hearing, Touch;

  • Near senses - Vestibular system, Kinetic system and Proprioception;

  • Gross motor muscles.

You'll need:

Babies & 1-2 year olds:

  • Ants poster (see below)

  • Adhesive tape

2-8 year olds:

  • Scissors

  • Adhesive tape

  • Dino-paws print (see below)

  • Felt, fabric or paper (whatever you have at hand!)

  • Ant poster (see below)

To create:

Babies & 1-2 year olds:

  • Put up the poster of ants somewhere where your baby can easily see it, like next to or above the feeding table. This helps him to start noticing details.

  • Say the following: "Big like a Dinosaur/Elephant" (deepen your voice and lift your arms above your head). "Small like an ant" (speak in a high pitched voice, bring your hands together to indicate the size of an ant).