• Nicolene Steyn

Free Friday Activity 1

Gross Motor Skills for ALL ages!

Flap like a Bird

INFO: To move to music is very good for your child’s rhythmic abilities and speech, as well as her gross muscle groups. This is a fun activity that you can do every day of the week!

Prep: 0 min

Play: 10-20 min

You'll need:

  • Scarves x2

  • Music (your favourite music or just sing a song)

To Play:

  • Put music on and dance with your child while you swing the scarves around, to the rhythm of the music.

  • Shake the scarves quickly while you say “fast, fast, fast”. Change the music or sing a slower song while you say “slo-ow-ly, slo-ow-ly, slo-ow-ly” and swing the scarf slowly and gracefully.

  • Now give your child the scarves and let him flap and fly like a little bird, run wild while doing this.

  • Older children might want to tie the scarves around their necks like a superhero cape. Put one around your neck too and “fly” around the house!

  • Everything you need for this activity is included in the WackyBox / Woelwaterboks (including the scarves!)

TIP: If your baby can’t walk yet, you can do the whole activity in a sitting position. You can play “peek-a-boo” by putting the scarf either on your, or her, head.

SAFETY: Make sure all furniture with sharp edges are removed.